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David Hughes

As your personal probate specialist David will help you navigate the entire Real Estate Probate process. Whether you are local or located in another state David will assist you with all aspects of your probate responsibilities for Real Estate.  

David Hughes, Realtor - Certified Probate Expert©

David, Your Resource for everything Probate

Estate Sale Companies

We have resources that will handle clearing and liquidating all the personal property for you. Maximizing the value of the propery while giving you peace of mind during this difficult process.

Clean Out Crew

Commercial clean out crews charge an arm and a leg. Our clean out crew will efficiently clean out attics basements and whole houses in typically 48 hours at a fair rate without cleaning out your piggy bank.

Investores / Cash Buyers

We have access to several cash buyers and Investors if a quick sale is needed. We cam also list to maximize the income for the property


From simple repairs to get properties through inspection to complete renovation if needed. We have the resources for all repairs large and small.


Whether using an attorney for just the probate process or Title and Real Estate we work closly with several lawers that will help you through the the complete process.

Transaction Coordinator

We ensure every aspect of your Real Estate Probate process goes through smoothly. Our transaction coordinator tracks the entire process, ensures proper documents are submitted on time and handles everything required with your real estate transation.

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